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  • "Coming Out Swingin'" is a Nominee for Best Blues CD of the year!

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  • Hello fans and friends of Candye

    Candye is still fighting the neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer she was diagnosed with in 2008. She is doing well but is on chemo treatments for a year in a clinical trial at Cedars Sinai hospital testing the effects of Tumedor on pancreatic cancers. Candye continues to tour and play music world wide as much as possible. But she needs your support now, more than ever. Please send money to her paypal account (info below). Any amount is appreciated and your generosity will help Candye pay the $700.00 a month for her expensive insurance as well as extras her insurance doesn't cover.

    For a $25.00 donation, you can receive a copy of her CD, The Power in You. The CD is only available through paypal, mail order or from Candye herself at a live show. To receive the Cd by mail, send $25.00 check or money order to Candye Kane at:

  • - send the donation to this email address:

  • or by check - made out to Candye Kane and sent to: 315 S. HWY 101 #47, Encinitas, CA, 92024.
  • Candye is grateful for all the love and support she receives for fans like you, all over the world. She is confident that she will beat cancer and be as good as new very soon. In the meantime, keep those cards, letters, emails, checks and white light and prayers coming.

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